WINDY - wind & waves forecast App Reviews

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Better then windguru app!

Reliable and Better then windguru app!

Aileron Windsurf 974 (Reunion Island)

well done ! ***** when the riding rose will update accirding to forecast time selection see you on water !

Very impressive and user friendly!

Great app


Miss waves !! But top


Très très bon!

Very easy! Good app

Good app forecast!! It only must show the waves forecast as well!

New version is not working - iPhone 5 (iOs 7.1.1)

App is not working after the update. It shows the "welcome screen", but after some seconds the app is automatically closed. iPhone 5 - iOs 7.1.1 (11D201)

Simply Easy!!!

Very reliable and you dont need to be an expert in meteorology to understand.

There is no better Wind Forecast out there

Windy is The best App I Found Till today and I Tested Quite a few. It looks Really awesome and The windmap view is a Nice feature.

best lifely and descriptive weather app

Extremely good, very lifely and descriptive presentation. Congratulation!

awesome, love it

the best wind app by far, beautiful design and the visual wind on the map, plain awesome! a function to organize the favorite spots and an iPad version would make it even better, but thats just a small thing! keep it up!

Best app for watersports

The app looks great and works fine!



Gute Animation

Gute Übersicht

Great app

My favorite wind app. With the wave height it would be perfect.


So far so good! Very accurate weather! Nice graphics!

Awesome app

Great app, nice looking interface. Would be nice to be able to to custom color assignments so I could for example make red color overlays start earlier, say the 25-30 kts region instead of 39!

Excellent weather system and display

This app showcases the satellite and weather system top notch! Easy readout and accurate stats. I love that you can create custom spots and windy will tell you the wind at that location. World class!

Super !!



Easy to use and accurate. Thanks!

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