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One of the best out there

I have subtracted one star as I find the activity oriented features a bit lacking. If we could specify few parameters of the equipment we use it will be a killer. I myself find relying to windy notifications more and more and I just feel a lot more intelligence can be applied here, to provide a, sort of, personalized forecast. To me the fifth star is in the personalization of the windy experience.

Good App, Could Be Better

Not being able to have a setting for your own time zone is slightly inconvenient. And knots are fine for pilots and sailers, but a setting for Mph would work great for a landlubber like me. But overall, a nice app.

Simply the best

If you’re looking for comprehensive weather data with the ability to create notifications for ideal conditions, this is it. My only ask would be if the forecast could more easily be navigated to the current time. It’s sometimes difficult to side scroll to the current hour if you’ve lost track of the current day.

A nice UI, but the data is garbage.

A nice well designed app, but unfortunately not very useful since at least for San Francisco Bay it shows values that off bu a factor 10 from reality. It is always off for swell (showing waves up to 15ft tall in a 5-mile enclosed bay with 1.5 ft actual) and it is usually way under for the wind - typically by a factor of 2. Bottom line - it is good for entertainment value, but mostly useless as a wind forecast tool...

Best App

Really great app for anyone doing outdoor activity’s.

Nice app when you’re actively using it

Why is the developer constantly publishing notes and reminders to trigger the notifications count on the app icon? Nobody cares about the forecast 24/7 so please stop triggering alerts as if there’s something important to read. My girlfriend blows up notifications on my phone enough as it is!

Local tramp

Good job with improvements

Always 10 mph ?

It seems the wind sped is miraculously always 10 mph where I live. It does not matter if it is howling outside or the leaves are still. Windy says it is 10 mph. Worthless.

Map accuracy

The charts around Miami are not accurate it shows the boat going over land when My vessel is about 80’ to 100 in the water

Great app, needs larger text option

I love the app so I can plan sailing days on the water. Would give it 5 stars, but even with readers I have trouble reading the rain and gust numbers. Color change? Font size? Different detail options?

Info to interface 5*'s

Top to bottom app that's easy to sort out and collects a wealth of information. I track conditions for surfing, fishing and the wind charts help for hiking conditions. There is more to it, check it out. ** Update- this app is also beginning to support small business related to the different hobbies it relates to. Bang up job! ***Getting better with every update, this app is well supported.

Stop with all the offers or I will cancel this app!

Stop these offers!

Very good

Thanks a lot this useful app

No place in the app to cancel the $10/month subscription

Noticed that you’re charging $10/month for this app. You seem to have buried the cancellation deep in the app and still haven’t found it. That’s not cool. Let me know immediately how to cancel this.

Great app, annoying message dot

App works great. They constantly have the red dot above the app showing an update, even when it’s just been updated which is super annoying. The update/information dot is helpful to know when something is new that I haven’t seen, so for an app like this to do that without a storm warning or other reason is really annoying.

Windermere 77

Great for planning to go out or stay home



Great Wind

Love this app it’s simple to use, and very accurate thank you

Depend on App

I deliver campers from out of Indiana. This app is great for planning routes.

My go to for checking the winds offshore !!!

Love looking ahead for wind forecast while going fishing offshore out of Oceanside, San Diego and out to San Clemente island! It’s 100 accurate!

Wind only. No other info.


Makes it easier

All I need to know before leaving the dock in one place

Perfect App

I use everyday to see the weather forecast. I am a Kiter. I like it and I recommend.

Highly recommend

This is an excellent app if the weather matters to you.

Happy you’re here

Thank you


Great App

Lots of good information

The ability to choose what’s important to me and to have access to multiple models is great. Now, if the developer would just add the ability to verify/adjust time offset and make it easy to jump back to “now”. I paid for pro features and I use them.


My go to Wind App!

Great app!!

Easy to use and very accurate!

Good app but needs instructions on how to read

I have assumed most on how to read the reports but cannot find any good tutorials on least not easily


Son los mejores

My #1 app

Living on a tropical island, this is my go-to app. It has everything I could possibly want and in such a nice looking presentation. Absolutely love it

Review of Windy App

Very nice and useful application. I use it all over the world.... Keep it up!!! :-D

Solid Ap

Works very well for the Chesapeake Bay. Models are consistently as accurate as this stuff can be. Great interface and functionality. Definitely recommend for all sailors.


Perfeito pra quem vai pro mar e quer conhecer as condições que irá enfrentar. Eu uso quase toda semana e as informações apresentadas no app são bem precisas.

Five stars, excellent info, cover everything needs Thanks a lot

Five stars, excellent info, cover everything needs Thanks a lot

Passage planning

Great tool for timing a passage

Not for the feint of heart

This is a very confusing app for the casual user without an advanced degree in meteorology or atmospheric sciences. Basic info like “what direction is the wind blowing?” is represented by arrows which are pointing relative to the orientation of the separate true north arrow so it’s hard to tell EXACTLY which way the wind is blowing. If you have a degree in atmospheric science - which I don’t - this may be a great app. I can’t evaluate it on that level. But for the average user, info could be presented a lot more clearly.

Great app

Great app to get the weather your need

Nice, Simple and Complete

Well thought out app. Simple to find all the info needed and the graphics are really nice to understand. Seems as accurate as can be...

Fantastic app

Fantastic app.


Very nice product that is accurate and easy to use. As a boater, I use it all the time to forecast and plan. Tide charts are not accurate though? Please fix the tide charts!


Can’t stop notifications once started

Great wind app!

Windy gives you real time wind speed & directions. Great app to use before heading out on the water!

Should Be Better

Slow. Info available on free sites.

Windy Pro

You are sending me a notification on my Apple to something but there is nothing to indicate what it is or how to address it.

Stop with the notifications... you’re bugging

Stop with the notifications... you’re bugging

Incorrect wind speeds

Love the layout and ease of use but app is not accurate. As a sailor, i need accurate wind data. For example, today on northern chesapeake and windy says 5-7 knots from the east and i am out and only have .7-1 knot of wind from the west. Fix your source of wind data and i will better review

Informative App - Nice

I have been using the Pro app for a year and find it to provide a nice stream of information I can use to schedule my sport by determining best days for results. Thank you for a wonderful app.

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