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Love the wind speeds and directions, but the tide times are never accurate for SW Florida. I’m willing to upgrade if the tidal information is better.

Best app out there!

This is by far a superior app even compared to some you have to pay for! Very interactive and love how you can make your own favorite spots to check the forecast with! Found my kayak fishing weather app! Top notch!.... And THANK YOU for updating for iPhone X!

Users manual?

OK. I love wind patterns. I ordered the pro model. I would love to see a write up on how to interpret what I am seeing on the different pages. I know I’m missing stuff. And how is the pro different than the free model?

Just right.

Informative. Just what I was looking for.

The go to app for all boaters.

Game changer


Use it. It is really useful.

Great for boat forecast

Great app, use it prior to taking the boat out. Pretty accurate.

Don’t understand it yet

Will figure it out

Great app!

This is a great app. My only critique would be to have a better layout and/or a scrolling forecast map.

Accurate and current

I own many commercial fishing vessels. My guys are on the water every day. This application is a must have for anybody looking for accurate up-to-date weather conditions. Also allows you to click and add measurement points anywhere on the map. Tides, water temp, wind speed and direction, wave height and wind all on one screen. AWSOME! This is the best wind app available! 11/14/17. Update The recently released updates have made this program even better. Wind mapping and weather forecasting doesn't get any better than this app.


One of the most accurate wind apps I've ever used. Definitely a must have!

For the road cyclist

I’ve noticed around my home in Duluth Minnesota it does not forecast the wind accurately because Lake superior makes its own weather, and causes the wind to go different directions as the regional area. So “windy” does not pick that up

Windy Review

Most accurate wind predictions I have ever seen. Accurate to the hour.


Simple, intuitive, and provides everything you could possibly want. Talk to those "in the know" and you'll find they are all using Windy...


Yes, 5 star-good.


Great for sport fish always accurate

Great app

Windy is one of my go to sources of weather / wind data. I cruise the eastern seaboard and Bahamas on a motor vessel, always get helpful informative information.

Crane operator

This wind app is just what I’ve been looking for. I operate a crane every day and when the wind picks up I can shutdown before it gets worse. Especially on a major army corps job since they are strict and have to shutdown at 25mph. Great app I even got the pro version.

Great App

Thank you for keeping this app going. I fly for a living, play golf & fly sailplanes. I use this app all of the time for accurate wind forecasts.


For the software


I work on the water and having all the information condensed into one chart is perfect.

The easiest to understand period!

Live on Lake Superior and use this daily!

For Boaters

Excellent App. Very accurate and flexible.


This live wind map is nuts. Only app I use for hunting and fishing.


Excelente me informa continuamente buenísimo

Great for aviators and outdoorsmen

Great app to help predict aviation and hiking conditions. Frequently better forecasts than other apps or websites and visualizations of the winds makes all the difference.

Good one

Top program realy

great app

love this app for forecast wind in the channel islands. like the favorites ability and easy read of forecast.

Doesnt load for me

No info shows up

Fix the tide info. It’s off by three hours at most places.

If you can’t publish accurate tide info take it off the app.

Great app

This is a great app but too pricy. Never mind the subscription. Too bad because it really could be useful.

Great for paragliding

Check this app and xc skies religiously at launch to get an idea of larger wind patterns.


Very good

Only weather app you need

So much information in one glance! Can be overwhelming so give yourself a minute to explore the details and appreciate what's being displayed. Once you tune in this will be the first app you pull up on the water or on land.


I'm a boat captain and knowing what the wind is doing is a crucial part of my job. I love this app and use it on a daily basis.


Windy nous a beaucoup servi durant l'ouragan Irma et l'an dernier avec Matthew . Très précis et très bon système de prévisions 👍

Hurricane Irma

You were always right you really help .


Best app I have seen so far. Definitely recommend it

Outstanding app for a trailer sailer!

Great and accurate app. Use it all the time when planning my sailing days. Shows wind speed and directions at your favorite places. If you sail - this should be on your phone. Very cool.

Love it!

Love this app. Really easy to use and tones of good info. This and storm are my go to apps before heading out on the bay. Windfinder is gathering dust on my phone.

Excelente aplicación, todo detalle muy claro y la información completa.

Gracias por esta magnífica aplicación que estuvo a nuestro alcance para estar comunicados con los nuestros.

Information rich

This app packs an amazing amount of visual information onto a small screen. The navigation is really easy as well.


How TH do you use this!!

Poor creation

Not refreshing automatically the weather map, hard to navigate

Useful tool for research in Patagonia

This is a very friendly app we use for the planning of field research for the conservation of seabirds and marine mammals on the coast of Patagonia and South West Atlantic.

Love it

Huge help for our jet ski fishing ventures in Hawaii and pretty accurate

Great sailing info

Wouldn't want to do without this fir my sailfish sailing

Paid $17.99 for notifications. They don't work.

Looking for wind notifications? look elsewhere. I decided to spring for the $17.99 pro account so I could get notifications for certain locations and wind speeds. Sadly, no matter how I configure them, I've never succeeded in getting a notification to come through. The developer has essentially told me that he fixed the notification issue but offered no help on how to get them working on my devices. I will update my review if I hear back, but am planning to request a refund from iTunes once the bill comes through.


I use it everyday.I dredge sand on m/v J.S.St really helps thank you

Surfing. Love this app

I would've paid for this app. At least a buck or two. It's great at what it does.

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