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This is the App for fisherman

The wind can make or break a good fishing day. Down load the Windy App and maintain tight lines.

All the info you need on one screen

Enough said


This is a great addition for Fishing & Boating.


Excellent reports very informative

Great app

Helps me pick good days to go fly my RC planes.

Excellent if you work outside, boat, etc

Fast & accurate way to check wind, temp & precipitation forecasts! I have loved Windy since I downloaded it 2 years ago!

Important to have

Best app to have

Awesome App

The title says it all. There’s no other app out there that compiles the wind direction and strength putting it in real time and future cast. I love it!

Weather in Anchorage

This service provides a timely, accurate forecast. Superb planning tool for summertime activities.


A more efficient app would be unbearable !

Great App

My go to source for fishing weather!


Definitely a amazing wind app.


Best wind app!!!!

The best

This app is spot on! Never wrong!

Great app for wind sports

Great app for wind sports like KiteSurf and Windsurf. Like the details and the quick wind direction visuals. Great job

Completely inaccurate

Keep checking the app info vs. on site readings and these guys aren’t even close


I love this app

Quick and accurate

Nice app. Thanks


Great app. Tons of useful weather info.

useful weather forecast

very useful and correct prediction.



Annoying notifications

App is great, what’s really annoying is the weekly notifications to see new features, rate the app, take a survey....

Best weather app for sailors

This is the best app I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. So accurate and easy to read. I use for tide, wind speed, wind gusts speed, and wind direction. Amazing. I always checking in with Windy before heading out.

Kodiak Girl

Living in a maritime climate, we always need to know what the weather will be doing. Gardening, yard upkeep, boating, berry picking and fishing all require this heads up. Thanks to Windy, we are alerted!

Very Helpful

Now they have added fishing information and moon phases. Great app.

Favorite wind app

Great product — I have tried many, and this is my favorite

Love the free app

This app is spot on. We'll done

Always a reliable source

Use it every day

swell no more

apparently the latest version of the app dropped the swell and surf data from NOAA. the app still appears to forecast the swell and surf but the data is way off :(

Total disappointment

Tried using the last 6 weeks while fishing info the Straights of Juan De Fuca in WA state. Forecasted winds and tides appeared to be correct on first weekend. Then I did and update, it has totally wrong on both since then. I can see missing a wind forecast, but not tides. Tides were off by as much as 5’ in both directions every single day. They say they are aware and working on it. For now it’s not reliable



Money into the wind

Hard to imagine charging or being charged to see the wind direction.

Love it

Great product. Use it all the time before I set sail.

Great app

Works very well, thanks

Mystery wind

I like this APP but it is not always accurate. Today the APP says that the wind is 11 mph with 8 mph gusts. The wind is blasting. Rocking our parked 40’ 5th Wheel from side to side. I would report that the APP is unreliable.

Informative App - Nice

I have been using the Pro app for a year and find it to provide a nice stream of information I can use to schedule my sport by determining best days for results. Thank you for a wonderful app.


Great app. Very useful for picking the right days on the water


Very user friendly and has everything wrapped up in one app. 👍🏻 Always tweaking the app to suit different people’s activities.

Wave height

You need to pay to get wave height. It not worth paying for this app.

Love it w/1 exception

This a very comprehensive app. However it blacks out on occasion when searching requiring it to be re-downloaded. I'd buy the "pro" version but I'm afraid I'd be continually re-downloading.

Very Accurate

Easy to use, straightforward and pretty accurate with predictions!

Windy App is Siiick!!

Great app for wind conditions and is surprisingly accurate! Def worth it!

Great App

I use this app frequently

Great app

Easy to navigate. Reasonable accuracy. First one i check before going out on a day sail.

Won’t load

Haven’t had this app 24 hours and it won’t load. They will have to show me something good with this app if they want me to change my mind Captain Robert


Not a good app. Need wind and wave info Not easily done

New Version

So far so good!

Plenty of information

This app has a lot of nice detail and a good UX.



Too hard to use

Can’t get it to work.

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